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Wedding Tent Decoration Ideas


Planning for your big day may take months, maybe even years, and as much as you plan there’s one thing that is not certain until that day.  We’re talking about the weather. Every couple dreams of the perfect weather, sunny blue skies, a light breeze and a 75-degree temperature would be ideal. However, we advise that you prepare for the opposite as well, especially when planning an outdoor wedding. But, instead of adding on to the stress, here’s a solution, wedding tents! There are different styles and types of tents for rent. The best part is that you can consider it a blank canvas, simply waiting for you to style it up and make it a fabulous focal point for your wedding décor.

Now, you might be thinking, how do I make a white tent look attractive? Let's start by acknowledging that there are several options for party tents; it really all depends on the couple’s style. If you are planning a black-tie evening, consider elegant fabrics and a statement chandelier. Perhaps you are leaning more towards a “room” feel, in that case, consider going with a tent with removable walls. Or, if you're envisioning a laid-back wedding, a clear marquee tent with lights will still make a statement. Now these are just the tents, there’s an array of customizable options you can add, from lighting and fabric to flowers and statement pieces, all you have to do is pick what goes with your theme and style. Here are some wedding decoration ideas that go practically with all tents. These will bring the comfort of the indoors straight your outdoor wedding.



Simply Elegant - Hanging fabric and green garlands.

Love is in the air – set the mood with fabric and twinkling lights.

Crystal Clear - Allow the stars to be part of your décor.

Inside–Out – Bring the elegance from a ballroom with a rooftop tent.

Naturally Rustic – Candles light the grapevine above the guests.



So, no matter your style, if you are having an outdoor wedding, renting a tent is the way to go.

The possibilities of wedding tent decorations are endless, and your big day and the party must go on.

Don’t let weather change your plans. It’s your big day, and it’s your dream wedding.

  • Naturally Rustic
  • Crystal Clear
  • Love is in the air
  • Simply Elegant
  • Wedding 4-Chandeliers-Hanging Lanterns-Cushion Chairs