Derby time is about bright colors – from the fireworks to the fashions and the flowers!

In fact, those intense hues of Derby all begin with Thunder Over Louisville.  Dazzling fireworks light up the night sky to mark the beginning of the Derby Festival.

Derby fashions, of course, are also about brilliant shades of every kind.  It seems that almost any vivid color

 is acceptable and encouraged.  Women, as well as men, feel free to wear even the most outrageous garb.

Flowers are no exception to the rule.  The stargazer lily, official flower of The Oaks, is one example.  All sorts of other radiant flowers are used on Derby hats.  Last, but not least, are the red roses of the garland placed on the winning horse on Derby Day.

At The Rental Depot, we have bright colored linens, napkins, and lighting to jazz up any event. So, why not use bright colors for your Derby event?  It’s a long-standing tradition in these parts!

Bourbon is hot right now in Kentucky!  Unless you are living under a rock (and not the ones that keep your bourbon chilled), you are probably aware.  In fact, 95% of all bourbon is produced in Kentucky, according to the Kentucky Distillers’ Association.  Bourbon is an $8.5 billion industry in the Commonwealth, providing 17,500 jobs.  Kentucky Bourbon Trail visitors, 70% of which are from out of state, spend between $400 and $1,200 during their trip.  You can read more at

Since this Kentucky spirit is “all the rage”, we have some great products to create your own bourbon themed event.  From our bourbon barrel ring chandelier to our bourbon barrel bar and the ever-popular “rocks” glass, we can supply everything you will need. Don’t forget to tie it all together with some burlap linens. By the way, if your event is during the Derby Festival, you should probably call now (or yesterday)!

Did you know that 2019’s color of the year is called “Living Coral?”  It was determined by a company known as Pantone, originally a manufacturer of color cards for cosmetics firms.

In 1963, they developed a system which allows designers to “color match” specific colors regardless of the equipment used to produce that color.

Living Coral is described as “an animating and life-affirming shade of orange with

a golden undertone.” Its warmth and vibrancy speaks to our “innate need for optimism and joyful pursuits,” Pantone explained in its official announcement.

Even though Pantone thinks they are the only “fish in the sea” (pun intended) with regard to color, it really just comes down to YOUR taste and preferences.  So, don’t think that your wedding will be less than spectacular if you don’t have “Living Coral.”

At The Rental Depot, we can help you translate your personal style into the event of your dreams!  We have colors for all occasions.  Our professional associates can help you with your tablescape based on our large variety of linens.

There are plenty of inspiring stories of people living the American Dream, and Brendan Evans is no exception. The local business owner has a journey that will no doubt leave you inspired.

Born and raised in Zimbabwe, Evans loved his upbringing and spent lots of time playing in “The Bush” in the countryside…

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Story by Steve Kaufman

Photos by Kathryn Harrington

Brendan Evans’ journey from a child playing in the bush country of Zimbabwe to a U.S. citizen and successful businessman in Louisville is a familiar “great American dream” story.

For so many immigrants, the day of naturalization is the fulfillment of a wish. They’ve fallen in love with the freedom, the opportunities and the aspirations here. It’s bottomless.

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For one man, his first trip to the Kentucky Derby was enough to fall in love with the United States.

Almost 30 years later, he is a citizen and owns a business in the industry that brought him to Louisville in the first place.

Tents and events initially brought Brendan Evans to the United States.

“I started working for a worldwide company, and the first event they did in the United States was the Kentucky Derby,” Evans said.

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