Fireworks, Fashions, and Flowers

Derby time is about bright colors – from the fireworks to the fashions and the flowers!

In fact, those intense hues of Derby all begin with Thunder Over Louisville.  Dazzling fireworks light up the night sky to mark the beginning of the Derby Festival.

Derby fashions, of course, are also about brilliant shades of every kind.  It seems that almost any vivid color

 is acceptable and encouraged.  Women, as well as men, feel free to wear even the most outrageous garb.

Flowers are no exception to the rule.  The stargazer lily, official flower of The Oaks, is one example.  All sorts of other radiant flowers are used on Derby hats.  Last, but not least, are the red roses of the garland placed on the winning horse on Derby Day.

At The Rental Depot, we have bright colored linens, napkins, and lighting to jazz up any event. So, why not use bright colors for your Derby event?  It’s a long-standing tradition in these parts!